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Wedding flower trends for 2018

Today’s brides are no longer limited in their choice of wedding flowers to the traditional bouquet of all white flowers. There is an unlimited number and variety of flowers available, as well as many different styles of bouquets to choose from.

The rising popularity of hand tied ‘posy style’ bouquets create a ‘just picked’ look of simple elegance.

Some brides choose to select flowers with a symbolic meaning which is both a romantic and emotional way to express your true feelings. For example, a red rose says, ‘I love you’ but also symbolises courage, whilst a bouquet of red and white roses symbolises ‘Unity’.

Not only do you want your flowers to look good… fragrance could also be a consideration. Some of the more popular fragrant flowers include peonies, gardenias, roses, fresias and lilies.

In contrast to the soft, romantic all white bridal bouquet… rich deep colours are rising in popularity. Many brides are choosing rich saturated colours of burgundy, deep violet and orange.

If you are looking for a modern bridal bouquet style, you may wish to consider a more contemporary design approach. A single flower, such as a lily, can look stunning with a simple, elegant wedding dress.